Polysquid Asset Store

General / 25 March 2018

Unity Asset Store

Most of our 3d models can be found on Unity Asset store. We have a huge variety of models, starting from simple hand painted props, to PBR environments. If You are a game developer on a budget, visit our asset store and start upgrading You game artwork, today!

Polysquid Acc: https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/12324

Polysquid VR Acc: https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/34275

Creating Process

General / 25 March 2018

Calculated to the bone

Everything, that Polysquid studios make is calculated to the bone. We do market research, thing of the best ways/strategy, so we can deliver the best content for our clients. While making the art, we always think about users and people who will work with our assets. That's why, people who buy Polysquid assets, always comes back for more!

Mobile Friendly

General / 25 March 2018

Expand Your Reach

No more hot devices or slow fps! Not only we provide AAA assets for PC games, we also love the mobile market. Try one of our low poly environments and see for Yourself. Making low poly art for devices is a really fun and creative process. You have to not only think about design, the performance must be taken in equation.

Game Content

General / 25 March 2018

Update Your game art

Polysquid studios has only one goal, to make amazing game-ready content, for indie developers. We provide a lot of different 3d models in various art styles and techniques. Everything we make is tested out and made with passionate for game content.